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status : CLOSED!
slots: -/4

commission types

  • will draw

ocsfanartfurriesships (no irl people)

  • won't draw

nsfwmecha/armordescription-only characters

bust-up (only, for now!)


contact me at:

order form

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1 per character

terms of service


Personal use onlyDo not take credit for the artno strict deadlines


you will be sent an invoice after i finish the pieceit will not be sent to you unless fully paid.

additional fees

possible additional fees may include:

  • extra characters

  • detailed characters


depending on how much progress the artwork has made, they still must pay due to the fact that there has been work done


  • do you only accept paypal?

A: yup! it's currently the only payment method i have

  • do you accept every commission request?

A: nope, please understand if i decline! it may be because i'm inexperienced, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed

  • how long will my commission take?

A: i usually take 3 days, sometimes 1-2 weeks. it may take longer or shorter, you're allowed to ask how it's doing but please do not rush me!! (。•́︿•̀。)

  • do you send sketches/wips?

A: only if the client asks!

  • can i still make edits after recieving it?

A: if it's only minor details, yes! (expressions, accessories, colours etc.) but changes such as poses, clothes, etc. will not be accepted! please inform me of major details before I start the piece

  • how many edits/tweaks can i make?

A: you're free to make as many as you like during the sketching. if you're asking for changes after i finish the piece, you can make minimum 5, but more than you have to pay more around 1-4$ depending on the change

  • may i commission you something similar to your past work?

A: yes! if you want a piece that has a similar style, feeling, or pose to one of my previous artworks, feel free to tell me.